On Thursday 17th January, there was organized a Machine Learning Conference, in cooperation with academic association GMUM. It was the first meeting of this kind aimed at acquainting specialists from Nokia TC Krakow with GMUM experts and finding a common path in the field of Machine Learning.

Establishing the thread of agreement and exchanging experiences in this field between Nokia and GMUM is an important step for both units – there is an exchange of scientific and experimental observations of the GMUM Team with real problems encountered in the Nokia Technology Center. For both institutions, such cooperation is extremely beneficial – thanks to the fresh look of the academic community on how ML can be used in solving problems faced by specialists from R & D Kraków.


The conference was opened by the most important representatives of both institutions – Krzysztof Persona, Director of the Nokia Technology Center Nokia and prof. Dr hab. Jacek Tabor, initiator and protector of the GMUM association. Topics covered by the event include aspects related to software testing, faster and more effective error detection, the use of Machine Learning in clustering and image filling, and many more.


The speakers included representatives of the GMUM association and employees of Nokia TC Kraków and TC Wroclaw. We hope that the Machine Learning workshop event was the beginning of long-term cooperation and that we will meet again and again to discuss common topics together.