On November 24 at the Nokia Technology Center people interested in working with the Raspberry Pi platform, and at the same time lucky ones who managed to get a ticket, will have the opportunity to develop their skills in this direction. There are many attractions waiting for the participants – in addition to the workshops, we have also planned the presentation of the Integra research project, based precisely on the aforementioned platform.


The projects that will be selectable are home automation and face recognition. Of course, the base will be Malina. In addition to the projects that will be described in the instructions, we encourage participants to add their element – functionality that will help to improve the already finished concept.


Our main goal, which all the time we had in mind during the organization of this event, was to create a space for exchanging experiences, ideas, sharing knowledge and simply spending time together, inspiring to act and encouraging to develop in the direction of electronics. We hope that this goal will be achieved on Saturday.