Nokia Kraków


Our benefits support health,  
help develop skills, and enable effective work and a harmonious private life.
See what we have prepared for you!

Workshops and training courses

Caring for the development of our employees' competence, we offer them a wide range of training opportunities. Starting from formal training, both internal and external, to development programs.

Cinema Tickets

Each Employee can choose cinema tickets within the Social Fund.

Tax Break

A voluntary program which allows our employees to take advantage of the tax credit in the case of copyrighted work.

AXA Insurance

(Uniqua) Basic Group Life Insurance Package for Employees funded by our company.

Co-financing of kindergartens and nurseries

Employees can get subsidies for kindergartens, nurseries and nannies.

Lunch Pass card

300 PLN net / month

Lecturing at universities

As part of our cooperation with universities, our employees hold lectures and workshops at top universities in Poland

Job Rotation

Temporary relocation for a duration of a few months. This is an opportunity to learn about new areas of Nokia's business and create new professional opportunities internationally.

Co-financing of the child's independent recreation

Once a year Nokia co-financing individual participation in holiday organized as camps, semi camps (summer or winter), green/white schools, rehabilitative camps.


We provide access to an extensive e-learning training database. It is made possible through an internal training platform and access to LinkedIn Learning.

Sports trainings

We organize running training, bouldering, healthy spine - online or on-site.

LuxMed Pack

We provide private medical care for you and your loved ones.

Sports Card

A card providing access to up to 5000 sports facilities across Poland and over 40 different sports and recreational activities.

Agile Methodologies

We employ agile methodologies, allowing dynamic adaptation to customer needs and efficient product delivery.

Remotely work opportunity

In our office, we provide infrastructure and technical support enabling remote work for our employees.

Relocation Package

One-time financial support, paid with the first payment:
- Employee based on a contract of employment - PLN 10,000.00 net
- Working Student - PLN 3 600 net
- Summer Trainee - PLN 1 800 net

Two Days Off tor Volunteering

Volunteering is voluntary and fully paid. It can be carried out individually or with a group of colleagues.

Occasional Events

We organize a variety of integration events for employees, as well as family gatherings.

Well-being Programs

We care about the well-being of our employees. We provide a series of webinars, health-related meetings, and support their sporting passions.

Company loans

We enable employees to take out company loans at attractive interest rates.

Welcome Packs

Each employee receives a welcome pack of company gadgets

Christmas Gift

Each employee receives a Christmas gift from the company.