On March 7, together with the Krakow University of Technology, we celebrated five years of cooperation. The meeting was aimed at providing students with information on what we do in our Kraków branch and in what projects they can take part in when they start working in Nokia.

The event took place on the campus of the Cracow University of Technology, in the “Kotłownia” exhibition pavilion. We were very pleased with the fact that the meeting we organized was so popular – all day the conference room was bursting at the seams.

We wanted the topics we presented to be interesting for the participants, so we tried to make everyone find something for themselves. And so we have prepared 7 lectures:


– Mission to the Moon

– How secure your SMSes are – IPSec in LTE

– 5G vs 4G technology

– Use and management of the radio band

– Internet of Things (IoT)

– Agile corporation – Scrum and SAFe in the management of large projects

– From elephant to ant – history of development of base stations


It is difficult to say which of them was the most interesting and the most awaited, because the auditorium was all day long.


We invite you to listen to the interview with our colleague Łukasz Gawor, who coordinated the whole event: http://nowinki.mech.pk.edu.pl/podcast/o_wspolpracy_nokii_i_pk.html?fbcli…