On March 23, the NOKIA ACADEMY FPGA starts! This is the second edition of the original NOKII program, which enjoys great interest.

The training is aimed at:

– working engineers wanting to change what they are doing at the moment,

– people interested in working in Nokia and learning about LTE / LTE-Advanced, 5G, IOT networks and interested in working as FPGA SOC designer/tester

– students of 4 and 5 years who want to take up a job of at least 4/5 full time.


The Academy will take off on March 23 and will take place four consecutive Saturdays (8h) in our office at ul. Bobrzyńskiego 46. Qualifying tests will take place from March 11.


After the end of the academy, the final test takes place. His positive result guarantees constant work in the Krakow branch of Nokia.