For three years now, we have been taking an active part in an incredible initiative aimed at a night sightseeing tour of Małopolska’s institutions and research companies. Visitors have the opportunity to see with their own eyes our latest technologies, enter the Faraday cage, try their hand at soldering and programming and much more!

During this year’s edition (2019) we were visited by nearly 400 people! Some of them were involved in the construction of Wobblebot, a battery-powered robot, which thanks to its simplicity in assembly is a perfect toy for even the youngest children. Besides that, fans of computer games came to Minecraft and Raspberry Pi programming workshops. The older audience gathered for lectures and demonstrations on 4G networks and 5G presentations. As you can see we prepared something for everyone!

Does it sound fun? The next edition will take place in September 2020, we cordially invite you!