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Soup for Ukraine: employee volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees

This spring, a charity book fair was held in the office. Employees brought the books wrapped in grey paper and described them with keywords (without giving titles or authors). These books were then purchased. In total, we raised PLN 1,000. The funds were donated to buy food products to cook the soup as part of the Soup for Ukraine project. A total of 22 colleagues were involved in preparing the meals.

FPGA Hackathon&Conference

The 3rd edition of the FPGA Hackathon&Conference is coming up on 25-27 November. FPGA technology is one of the foundations for revolutionary projects like fast telecommunication or autonomous cars. Thanks to the fast data processing and the ability to work on many resources, FPGA is a key in the banking and insurance sector or stock operations.

The FPGA Hackathon&Conference is a 3-day event.

FPGA Conference – 25 November 2022 – online

The speakers are specialists who will share their knowledge, and experience and inspire the audience with their passion for FPGA-related topics. The aim of the conference is to promote the latest techniques and solutions in computer science and digital electronics.


FPGA Hackathon – 26-27 November 2022 – Krakow Technology Park and online

The 24-hour hackathon, which for the first time will be held in a hybrid format, is the space to put your knowledge into practice, test your skills and have fun. In previous years we have settled on Mars, grown the economy, and are now working to improve the quality of life for the residents there. And we need your help to do so! Your task will be to create Helpers to support the residents in their daily lives.


Who is the hackathon for?

We invite teams of 2-3 people. At least basic knowledge and skills related to FPGAs are required.


Do I need to have my own equipment?

We provide a development board per team with a USB programmer cable and power supplier (Cyclone V GX Starter Kit)


How to take part in the event?

Both the conference and the hackathon are free of charge. Registration is required and will start in October.


Find out more at:

Test Dive Conference 2022

The Test Dive Conference is one of the largest testing conferences in Poland. Every year it brings together test and new technology enthusiasts, industry professionals, students, academics and business partners. It is a space to share experiences and networking.

The event covers topics related to the software life cycle and its quality, as well as Testing Techniques and Methodologies, Test Automation, Test Management, Security, Agile, IoT, DevOps, Blockchain and Machine Learning.

Test Dive Conference 2022

The 6th edition of the Test Dive Conference 2022 will take place on 13 October 2022 in a hybrid formula.

  • On site – Multikino cinema in Kraków
  • Online

The conference is free of charge. Registration is required, starting in September.

More details soon. Follow us to stay up to date

“50 Business Personalities. We help” book launch

On 22 April 2022, the launch gala for the book “50 Business Personalities. We help”. The publication was prepared by the editors of Businesswoman&life magazine for the benefit of the Rak’n’Roll. Win Life! Foundation.

One of the book’s heroes is Ewa Marchewka, Head of 5G Base Station Software Integration and Testing Department. Ewa gave an interview about how 5G will affect our lives and how it relates to the Smart City concept.

The interview is available here:

LTE laboratory at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw

In June, we installed an LTE lab at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. A team of 3 first set up the lab in the Nokia Garage in Kraków, then smoothly recreated it in Warsaw.

We would like to thank the Military University of Technology staff for their commitment. We hope that the lab will be a valuable place for students to learn and develop their skills.

Nokia Kraków Online Speed Recruitment

We would like to invite you to attend the ONLINE Speed Recruitment at Nokia Kraków!

During the 15 minutes session, you will have a possibility to check your skills and knowledge in one of the following:

What is Speed Recruitment?
Short (15-20 minutes) job interview with our engineers and a possibility to receive an invitation to a regular, 90 minutes’ job interview.

Why is it worth joining the event?

– You will be able to check if working at Nokia could be something for you.
– You will meet some of our best engineers.
– It’s a chance to get straight to a technical interview, without a pre-screening step.
– Even if you don’t get an invitation for a regular interview, it will be a great opportunity to receive constructive feedback for your further career development.

How to join the event?

Just pick suitable slots in the application form and wait for a confirmation e-mail from our Talent Attraction Team.


If you would like to take part in Online Speed Recruitment in our other locations, please visit:

Wroclaw Online Speed Recruitment:

Bydgoszcz Online Speed Recruitment:

Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions, we are here to support you [email protected]

Equipment donation for secondary schools

In December we gifted 56 units of network equipment, switches,   routers and servers to the Technical School of Electronics no 1 in Cracow. The school runs classes in the field of IT, electronics and automatics that count 30-36 pupils. We can expect that some of them will start IT studies and join us in a few years.

Some of the equipment will also be delivered to ZSZ no 2 and will populate the laboratory racks that we delivered to the schools earlier this year.

Nokia Academy!

Registration for Nokia Academy 2022 is now open! 

What is Nokia Academy?

It is a series of intensive, free training sessions led by our company specialists.

This time in Kraków, we offer participation in the Academy on software testing. The trainings give participants the opportunity to gain competences which will allow them to develop in new professional areas. The course will start on January 24th and end on April 6th. Lectures and workshops will be held from Monday to Friday, from 16:30 to 18:30 – online.

Who is NOKIA Academy addressed to?

We invite ambitious and fast-learning people who would like to gain knowledge in the area of testing and start a professional path in Nokia.
We focus mainly on potential and involvement!

What is required from the participants?

– Software testing – at least basic knowledge of one of the following areas is required: Linux, scripting languages, telecommunications, TCP/IP networks, testing methodology;

The condition to participate in the training is to have your own computer. It is also necessary to have at least secondary education and the ability to communicate freely in English and Polish.

What we offer

Nokia Academy XVII will be divided into three phases, each lasting 2-3 weeks. We will invite about 100 participants to phase one, 60 to phase two, and 30 people will participate in phase three. After the project is completed, the best participants from the last phase will be offered a job at Nokia.

– intensive training cycle in software testing
– over two months of remote lectures and practical classes,
– supervision of qualified trainers who are also practitioners,
– original training program,
– employment offers for the best ones.

We are waiting for applications on 10 January. To make an application, please apply for the profile you are interested in via our website:

Tester profile:

You will receive feedback on your application on January 13.

Nokia Academy (tester profile and C++ profile) is also organized by Nokia Wroclaw. More information can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

FPGA Conference and Hackathon 2021

On 19-21 November, the second edition of the FPGA Conference and Hackathon took place. Participants had the opportunity to listen to as many as 7 lectures on the technology of FPGAs. The speakers were specialists working with this technology in companies such as Nokia, Siemens, Aldec and MathWorks. The conference gathered 158 participants.
In addition to theoretical knowledge, participants had the opportunity to test their practical skills during a 24-hour hackathon. During the first edition we managed to colonise Mars. This year we were continuing mission in space. Our colony grew very fast and a new economy started to develop, with people working in different professions. Traditional money proved to be impractical, so our community decided to create their own cryptocurrency, NokiaCoin. The hackathon participants were tasked with implementing an FPGA engine to mine it. 3 teams managed to complete it: SeCom Team, who took first place, MofuMofu (second place) and CMOS Squad (third place). Congratulations to the winners and invite we invite you all to take part in the next edition!
The event was very successful in Poland and worldwide. 72 people from 12 countries and 4 continents took part in the hackathon.

Strong Women in It in 2021 – Global Edition

We are very proud to announce that our colleagues have been recognised as women leaders in the Strong Women in It in 2021 – Global Edition report. Congratulations Ewa Marchewka and Danuta Kowalczyk, well deserved!

In the report you will find:

  • statistics on female contribution to the new technology sector
  • list of 200 Strong Women 2021
  • expert comments by members of the jury
  • books, podcasts, films and series recommended by Strong Women in IT

The aim of the Strong Women in IT report is to show how important it is to promote and educate society about who those hardworking and ambitious women are. In this edition, women from all over the world were invited to take part in the report.

Download the full report here: